Weekend Wrap Up

16 Aug

Inspired by Mr. Goodwill Hunting, my sister and I took a spur of the moment trip to Goodwill.

We decided to hit the accessory shelves. Despite being pushed out of the way by another treasure hunter we were able to find a few things, each just $2.00!

The first, a silver glass (glamour) bowl. I put it on my mirrored bedside table and placed some pearls in it for display (see previous post for details about displaying bracelets and necklaces).

The second, a set of 8 pressed aqua glass goblets (6 pictured) all in excellent condition.

We also found a Bombay Company blue and white Asian inspired candle holder (the one missing from my collection!), blue and white Asian spoons and a bamboo cutlery tray all for only $2.00 each!








Lesson: You can build an interesting entertaining collection inexpensively, which will enable you to change up your table settings much more frequently.


One Response to “Weekend Wrap Up”

  1. Sara August 17, 2011 at 2:35 am #

    Love all the finds!

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