Hosting a Tea Party at Home!

21 Aug

Hosting an afternoon tea party at home can be fun for both you and your guests.

Like everything else, planning is key!

Things to consider:

Theme (bridal shower, baby shower etc.)

Menu including food, signature drinks and a selection of teas

Decor including flowers, decorations, serving pieces, napkins etc.

Small party favours

Below are some easy tips and simple food ideas that you can do yourself!

The Table

 Tip: When arranging your table, think about creating a focal point. In this case it was the cupcake stand. You will also want to vary the heights of your other dishes to create an interesting display.

Make your unique tea cups part of the arrangement since they are the star of the event!

Glass jars were used to create a mini candy bar.

A plain white table-cloth was used to drape the table. In order to create that sparkle, glass serving pieces were used on top of mirrored placemats (available at Dollarama)

Food & Drink

Tip: When throwing a party it is great to make things yourself, but don’t be afraid to mix homemade items with bakery purchased items.

Homemade macaroon nutella sandwiches. Make your favourite macaroon recipe then spread nutella in the center.

 Homemade banana bread is displayed with bakery made cookies.

What would a tea party be without mini sandwiches and mini quiche tarts?

The three classic sandwiches that were made for this party were, tuna, egg salad, cream cheese and cucumber. All were topped with either a pickle or cucumber.

Watermelon can easily be dressed up by sprinkling some coconut shavings on top!





While tea is the star of the party, think about having a signature drink. For this party champagne and orange juice was served with a large orange wedge in vintage 1950s glasses.









Tip: Re-think the typical vase!

A vintage sugar bowl that was missing its lid was used as a vase.

Sparkly votive candle holders were also re-thought and used as small vases. Flowers were clusted in groups of five and vases displayed in groups of three. Odd numbers are visually pleasing to the eye!


Tissue paper pom-poms are quick and easy to make…not to mention budget friendly!

It only took two packages of tissue paper to create these pom-poms decorations. Hung in the window bay created a nice pop of colour and served as the party back-drop.


Small Party Favours







Tip: It is always nice to give your guests a small token of appreciation for being a part of your special event.

A teapot shaped cookie cutter was given out at this event. Wrapped in a cello bag and tied with a ribbon, simple but beautiful!

I like using trays to display items. Favours were placed on a silver tray and placed on the table for guests to enjoy.

Favours can be found anywhere and can match anyone’s budget. These were found at a local Bulk Barn store and matched the theme perfectly!




One Response to “Hosting a Tea Party at Home!”

  1. Freddie August 21, 2011 at 6:26 pm #

    Love It!! You will need to take me to the Bulk Barn when we come up next month.

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