This Weekend…Spray It!

26 Aug

A quick and easy way to totally transform items around your home is to spray paint them.

Take a look around your home and garden. There are sure to be some tired items begging for a makeover.

As with any painting project preparation is key!

First, select your desired spray paint colour.

Second,  clean up any dust and dirt. If the item is a bit rusty give it a quick sanding.

Third, take your item outside and apply a light coat. Multiple thin coats are best.  Patience is key in this case. Be sure to wait for the paint to completely dry between coats.

Four, display, use and enjoy your item!

I love transforming items simply by using spray paint! Here are two examples…

Chair: The frame was originally dusty rose and the seat fabric was purple splash paint. A few coats of glossy black and a bold upholstery pattern completely changes the look for only $12.00!

Lantern: This lantern was originally white but had some rust marks. A quick sanding and a few coats of glossy blue and it’s ready for the patio!


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