Add a Touch of the Old

23 Sep

…to make a door stand out!

Adding antique hardware to a modern door definitely adds interest.

Here we used 2 antique brass and glass knobs on our hall closet. First, we sanded the rusted finish then sprayed it in a mat black colour.

Here we did not need to re-install the locking mechanism because it was really not necessary for this application.

Tip: You don’t need to re-do all the knobs in your home! Just pick a special door like a front hall closet or a bathroom linen closet and add some sparkle and character to your home in a budget friendly way.

Where to find these knobs…

We found ours in our grandmother’s basement but HomeSense is now selling modern takes on the traditional design. Door handles and knobs at HomeSense start at only $14.99

Antique markets/ garage sales are a great place to grab them as well. I was just at the Queensville Antique Market (just south of Keswick) and there were boxes and boxes of antique knobs.

Have fun searching!


One Response to “Add a Touch of the Old”

  1. Teresa September 25, 2011 at 11:00 pm #

    Hi Lauren,

    they look classy. My parents used to have those door knobs years ago.


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