Holiday Urns

19 Nov

…for free!

I am sure you all have seen the holiday urn arrangements out in the garden and grocery stores. Most arrangements start at $30, but creating your own costs next to nothing.

How to:

Collect greens from your own backyard or ask your neighbour for a few branches.

The key to the arrangement is to creat a high back and a lower front.

Use a variety of greens (cedar, pine, blue spruce etc.)

Arrange, always taking a step back to fill in missing areas.

Add a few branches for height to the center.

Add glittered pine cones, a spike, berries, decorations and ribbons. All of which can be purchased at a dollar store.

Below is an image of an almost completed urn! This is a great base, now adding decorative balls and ribbon will complete the look!



One Response to “Holiday Urns”

  1. Lynne Barone November 19, 2011 at 11:05 pm #

    Beautiful Lauren. I love the mixture of coloured evergreen branches!!!

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