Fall is coming!

19 Sep


A Simple Half Birthday Celebration! Why Not?

19 Aug


When your child is born during the holidays why not celebrate during the Summer? Especially when snow is NOT in the forecast! Although on this day rain sure was!

Half cookies and half a cake to celebrate 6 months of life!

What’s Next?

19 Aug


Hi Friends!

I have been absent from laurenishome for a while but I sure have been busy.

Over the next little while I hope to have 2 basemeñt renos to share…fingers crossed!

However, in the meantime I will share some of the little things I’ve been up to!

Enjoy and thanks for your patience!


Eggies in a Jar!

1 Apr

Quick, easy and stylish gift! Happy Easter! image

Bar Carts

29 Jan

Bar carts are everywhere! But if you don’t have the space, all you need is a fabulous tray, bar type items then style! 


Hallmark Sale

14 Jan

I would suggest lining up early. Enjoy!


Cake Stand Rentals!

19 Dec

We have availability for Christmas and New Year’s!